Website Hosting & Maintenance

Keeping your website up and running

Normal website hosting normally consists of you renting some space or a box on someone’s network. With us, we take this a step further by not only providing with a trusted platform to host your website but also providing key value added services to keep your site running and up to date.

Managed Maintenance Upgrades

Websites usually consist of a great many elements which can all fall foul of hackers if not kept up to date. We ensure that any maintenance and security updates are applied to your website when they become available. This greatly minimises the risk of your site getting hacked due to a newly discovered security vulnerability.

Secure Backups

As part of our hosting services we take and keep regular backups of your website in case something should go wrong and you need to restore your site.

Fully Monitored

We setup monitoring on your website so that if something untoward should happen, we get an immediate alert and can take immediate action therefore reducing any potential downtime for your customers.

As part of our monitoring, we utilise a comprehensive firewall and keep track of malicious attempts to access your website so we can block them for the future.

Customer Tracking & Analysis

All of our websites come with integrated tracking by Google Analytics which we can give you full access to. With Google Analytics, you can quickly see what your customers are doing on your website and see the results of any online and offline marketing activity.

Full Content Management

As an extended option, we can offer full content management of your website, taking the hassle away from you and allowing you to concentrate on your business. For more information read more about our Full Content Management solution.

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