Website Content Management

Full content management services for your website

As well as offering website hosting and maintenance to keep your website running and up to date, we also offer a fully managed service which allows you to concentrate on your business whilst we ensure that you website is kept fresh with new products and content, as and when you require them.

This is good for customers who want to keep their website fresh with new content and/or products but don’t want the hassle of updating it themselves. This is also a very cost effective option if you think you will be making additions to your website over the period of a year as apposed to doing one-of updates which can be more expensive.

Why keep your site up to date?

Your website isn’t something you setup one time and then forget about. Updating your website can attract new customers and help with your search engine rankings. Here’s why:

  1. Staying Competitive
    If you don’t refresh your website regularly, your competition will. Potential customers do a lot of research before selecting a supplier for services or products. BY updating your website regularly, you can help leapfrog the competition by showing potential customers that you are keeping up to date with products or adding further information or news that shows you are a forward thinking business.
  2. Businesses Evolve
    When you first created your website, it probably reflected your business at that time. But, as you evolve, you may need to add further services or update the offering of the services you already provide. Customers may hear that you have a new service available but, if they can’t find that on your website, then they may go elsewhere.
  3. First Impressions
    You don’t have a second chance at making a first impression so make sure when potential customers do arrive at your website that you are showing the latest information. Potential customers will quickly switch off if they see a website that hasn’t been updated in a long time (does that mean your business is out of date too?). Keep it fresh.

We can manage this entire process for you for a monthly cost that reflects your requirements. Talk to us today to find out more.

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