How not to get Likes on Facebook

City Park Apartments in Salt Lake City, Utah finds itself crushed under a flood of vindictive online retribution for demanding its tenants “friend” the company’s unofficial Facebook page within five days. Clearly, the landlord was unfamiliar with the more recent term, “Like,” and chose the antiquated “friend” instead. But wait, it gets worse. Anyone who does not comply could be found in breach of contract, according to a letter found on tenants’ doors last week.

Another unsettling quirk: you had to let City Park Apartments post photos of you and your guests on its page, and you were not allowed to leave negative reviews on any public forum. The company’s Facebook page is already “unavailable” after a torrent of negative reviews. It turns out local TV news station KSL picked the story up, and it floated its way to the AP and then every other website on the internet. And City Park Apartments’ Yelp profile is “under active cleanup,” which is Yelp’s euphemism for “your business is currently being ground into a fine dust by unstoppable tank of internet outrage.”

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